St Austell, Cornwall


Opening Hours

Mon - Fri: 9am - 8pm

Weekends: By Arrangement

At the time of booking we require a 50% deposit to confirm the appointment.

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£38 for a full hour which does not include set up and break down times.


Facial treatments improve and maintain the skin condition, promote a clear well-hydrated complexion and help skin look younger.

Our facial routine includes the following steps:

·     Cleansing - Cleansing removes make-up and grime from the skin and ensures the effectiveness of any skin care treatments applied thereafter.

·     Toning – Toners restore the acid balance of the skin after cleansing as well as cooling and refreshing the skin. Toners are wiped over the skin between different stages of a facial treatment.

·     Exfoliation – Exfoliation removes dead skin cells, brightens up the complexion and refines the skin texture.

·     Facial steaming – Steaming opens the pores and stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation making the skin more receptive to subsequent treatments.

·     Facial massage – Facial massage increases circulation thereby bringing nourishment to the skin, relaxes and rejuvenates the mind and body, reduces stress and tension in the facial and neck muscles and promotes a sense of wellbeing.

·     Mask treatment – Masks draw out impurities and have a soothing, calming, tightening and moisturising effect on the skin.

·     Moisturising – Moisturisers provide a barrier between the skin and the external environment, soften skin and prevent the loss of natural moisture from deeper layers of the skin.

·     Eye treatment – Eye creams moisturise the delicate tissue around the eyes and help to soften the skin and prevent lines and wrinkles.


We also offer the following treatments - Acrylic Nails, Gel Nails, Shellac Nails, Manicures, Pedicures, Eyebrow wax, Eyebrow tint, Eyelash lift, Eyelash tint, Massage, Waxing, Spray Tan, Make-up and Dietary Consultations.

We are based in St Austell, but travel all over Cornwall.